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Many people ask me 'where is stickdeath GIFs, animation, videos?' etc. The site has been redesigned a few times over the years and a lot of things were removed or phased out to make way for a more music centred website. I plan on getting a lot of stuff back up for archive purposes this month so watch this space. If you are looking for something specific that is not listed here for whatever reason feel free to contact me (email & chat on the homepage).

Are the netlabels still around?
Neither are still active and accepting new demos currently, there is a mirror for all the OTS releases and Viral Records above, warning in advanced about the Viral Records site: some of the links were linked not using a relative path, simply put it means that some clicking around will cause you to go to the viral-records domain that we no longer own - they seem to be selling chinese ripoff trainers (sneakers) on there nowdays xD - I will clean up the site and make sure it works properly as soon as I have the time. Don't forget that you can find all of Viral Records and OTS on - make sure you donate to them. Update: seeing as the transplant of the Viral Records site is so broken at the moment I'll link you to the releases directory here. Let me know if anything is missing.

Where Is Joss Jumps?
'Joss Jumps was a series that I started sometime in early 2004 on multiplayer halo. It involved doing simple classic stunts (or glitches) and filming them. It was an immediate success and I started work on the second movie very soon after. Sometimes it took entire days to film 10 second clips as the movies got harder to do. I met Joe around the start of the fourth movie and we started work. We both spent so much time on the series that I practically call it our series but of course a big, big thank you to everyone that participated. If you were wondering why I never hosted the movies before - it was because I never had the host to do it with... but now I have found a way to host the videos - enjoy!'

2013 notes:
Please note these vids are only really cool if played halo 1 extensively. I have now made a playlist for your convenience, which is linked above - no mods were used in the making of this series. Some of these glitches/stunts were done previously to us and were reconstructed as a homage to earlier work but other bits are things we discovered or thought was cool. This jump off the ledge of that map for example I remember being extremely time consuming in order to get a warthog up there and then successfully blast it down to the lower level.

2019 notes:
I have got the direct downloads back up, most of them on youtube are copyright striked for a lot of countries so I encourage you to download the wmvs (yes wmv, 13 year old me was damn stupid). There is some talk of bringing Joss Jumps to GTA 5, if you think you are up to helping me get in contact. I have published a few drifting videos that you can view on my youtube channel.

So, Hay, Where Is Teh Other Vids Joss?
Some of you may remember an extensive video library. Why is it gone? Well: partly legal reasons, partly lack of content to update with, and partly because some are not relevant nowadays - private joke videos and such. There are a few videos that I feel 'worthy' of still being around so you can find them on the official youtube channel linked above where most have been since the start of youtube. It's a shame in a way but make sure to subscribe to my channel I will more than likely have content there in the future.

Joss I Want To See Your Crappy Animation Stuff From 05

All my stickfigure pivot GIFs can now be found HERE.